How’s YOUR Anger Intelligence?

Finally the word is out that we humans have multiple intelligences, not just IQ (intellectual intelligence). The most well known of these additional intelligences include emotional intelligence (EQ), relationship intelligence (RQ), spiritual intelligence (SQ) and integrity/moral intelligence (MQ). For the purpose of this website I would also add a specific variety of RQ that is a foundational dimension of relevant to AQ™, and that’s BQ™ — boundaries intelligence.

Anger Intelligence (AQ™) is a specialized blend of all of these forms of intelligence. As I’m sure you’re aware, in today’s conflict-filled world we all need this kind of intelligence. Big time. Yet, few of us know how to handle anger well…. in ourselves and in others. In fact, Anger Intelligence (AQ™) may well be the most neglected of all the key psychological intelligences.

For instance, few people know that anger comes in four distinctly different ‘flavors.’ Did you? And few people know that effectively dealing with each type of anger requires very different strategies from the other three?

You can now have unprecedented access to information about this that will help you start upgrading your AQ™ immediately! My complete Conquering Anger Mountain™ training program (officially called Full-Spectrum Anger Literacy & Effectiveness™) is now available to you so you can boost your AQ™ quickly and enjoyably.

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See you on the inside,
Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP
Founder & CEO, Integrity Culture Systems

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